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  About R.E.A.L.


YOUR listings on YOUR web site - Dynamically

R.E.A.L. is the dynamic way for Real Estate Agents to upload images, listings and information from their online PC directly to their own web sites without the need of complicated HTML code or a web developer.

Individual dynamic DATABASE driven web sites traditionally cost a lot of money. The new Trinex dynamic R.E.A.L. system provides the ultimate cost saving solution for REALTORS.

Clients can utilize R.E.A.L. in many ways

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Tours can be uploaded directly to a Realtor's web site.

  • A link is provided to V.I.R.E.B. to display images and VR on the MLS site.

  • Online R.E.A.L. maintains all of YOUR listings on YOUR web site.

  • Online R.E.A.L. uploads, catalogues and captions "still" pictures to your listings page.

  • Online R.E.A.L. automatically resizes your photographs to the correct size and makes "clickable" thumbnail pictures for your listings page.

Using R.E.A.L. has many advantages.

  • Edit the content of your listings, VR's, still images and text at any time without a maintenance bill from your web master or service provider.

  • Keep your listings up to date and fresh from your home or office online computer.

  • Trinex supplies customer support plus helpful suggestions to make the most of R.E.A.L.

  • The costs to develop a dynamic REAL ESTATE DATABASE of listings plus a dynamic image system normally would cost thousands of dollars. Our R.E.A.L. system requires just a low monthly service fee. Click here for price details

  • R.E.A.L. servers are fast fast fast. No more long waits for your clients to download important images, VR and listing information.

  • Use ANY digital camera to create vivid image galleries in R.E.A.L. including VR's.
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